Our Mission is Simple

We coach caregivers just like you to create a strong bond with their animals.

A strong bond improves your connection with your critter and resolves many behavioural and health issues. Our mission is to help caregivers understand how their behaviour, intentions, and expectations reflect on the emotional and physical well-being of animals; and, to provide them with the resources to inspire a better bond.

Critter Bond Academy Cat School helps cat caregivers be awesome cat parents

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“It’s unreasonable to expect an animal to react to stimuli as we believe they should because we can’t possibly control every variable in every situation. Remember, we can take an animal out of nature but we can’t take nature out of the animal. Let them behave as such.” – Lisa Bell, Animal Behaviour Consultant

“Research proves that our behaviour, mood, environment, and mindset all impact the lives of animals, and yet, we still ask them to change without assessing how we can change for them. ” – Lisa Bell, Animal Behaviour Consultant

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